Which regions are covered by the search?

The site searches for schools in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. At present schools on the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands are not included.

The results don't include a school I would expect to see, or the school details are incorrect.

We try to maintain our data as accurately as possible, but inevitably from time to time some information will become out of date. Please use the feedback form to let us know and we will sort it out as soon as we can.

Why does a school's address on your site not match the one used by the school?

Our searches are based on location, so we cross-check school addresses with the Royal Mail. If the postcode we use does not match, then please let us know using the feedback form. If you believe the Royal Mail's address/postcode is incorrect then please ask the school to refer this to the Royal Mail themselves.

Why is the map marker for a school a long way from the school's actual location?

We take the school's location as the centre point of the area covered by its postcode. If the postcode covers a large area (such as in rural locations) the centre may be a long way from the school. Please let us know using the feedback form and we will set a more specific location.